LCloud MediaStudies is a study group for individuals interested in filmmaking and other media production, to come together and learn with other people that are just as passionate about the industry. In this study group we will be meeting in-person, or online through zoom meetings for distance learning. The group itself will cost nothing! The only costs will come from some textbook materials and occasional online learning resources the group uses. 

We will be meeting each other 1-2 times a week on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and/or Wednesday’s for a few hours (it will vary between 1-3 hours each meeting) When we are in the middle of pre-production, production, or post production for short films or our feature film, we will be meeting more frequently (around 3-4 times a week). If you would like to learn more then follow this link:

About LCloud MediaStudies


Here is a list of the upcoming semesters for LCloud MediaStudies

For More information, or if you would like to sign up, Contact us!

Upon Completion of this semester, each group member should have 4 finalized scripts, written for short films that we may use in our upcoming semester’s short film productions.

Filming our first (1st) short film together 

Filming our second (2nd) short film together 

Filming our third (3rd) short film together 

Filming our fourth (4th) short film together 

LCloud MediaStudies Certificates Given Out to Graduates 

Pre-Production for our Feature Film