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CloudyFilmJourney is a video blog about my (Lakota Cloud) film journey. Throughout this series I will be discussing different aspects of filmmaking and of owning a production company. I will talk about the challenges that I faced, how I felt during certain situations or when things didn’t look that good, and I’ll talk about when things worked out as planned and any excitement or anticipation I felt as things looked great. I will also be talking about different filmmaking tips that I learned along the way that I think would benefit all filmmakers to know, and more!

Episodes will be about the difficulties faced when trying to create a film, the challenges that come with starting a production company, the way you feel when someone doesn’t believe in your vision of the film, and much much more!

It’s my hope that this series will be able to be of some use to some other aspiring filmmakers, so that if they go through something similar they will know that they aren’t the only ones. 

I hope to create a community of filmmakers that can share their own obstacles or mistakes, and how they learned from them, to help others not make the same mistakes and carry on through the hardships. 

If nothing else, I want to be able to express myself, and how I felt so that I can look back on this series and see how far I’ve come, or so that I can remember the steps I’ve taken, to never make the same mistake twice and to know how to better handle upcoming obstacles in my way. 

Even though it isn’t clear what lies ahead on this path, I know that the longer I stay on it, the clearer it will become as I continue to learn and move forward! 

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