LCloud MediaStudies

LCloud MediaStudies Logo - A dark grey book with light blue pages, opening up to reveal a grey gradient digital film camera coming to life out of the pages, with the words "LCloud Media Studies" spelled out below it.


LCloud MediaStudies is an independent study group for films, television, and video content. This study group will learn and grow together as filmmakers, and help each other succeed!

By the end of the study group’s course, we should have made several short films, and at the very end we will make our own feature length film together! 

Learn with other people that are passionate about filmmaking, and want to enhance their knowledge and skills, but may not have the means to go to film school!

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Different classes and semesters will have different coursework. We will study Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, Editing, and more! Check out our upcoming semesters below!


Check out some of our pictures for a better idea of how our class setup looks like! Check out some of our short films behind the scenes photography, and more!


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