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LCloud MediaStudies is an upcoming study group set to start in January 2021 in Virginia (also available online through Zoom).

This group was created to help individual aspiring filmmakers, and people that were rejected from, or can’t afford, film school to be able to come together and learn about filmmaking with others. One of the main reasons to go to film school is to learn and make connections with other aspiring filmmakers such as yourself, that are passionate about this industry! So we decided to take that and apply it to an independent study group. 

The group will study topics used in productions of Film, TV, Video, and other Media Content.

Using the equipment that we already have here at LCloud Productions, we will practice and gain hands-on experience in different topics like cinematography, directing, editing, and more!

The study group will be broken up into 6 semesters of 15 weeks each, where we will study 3-4  specific topics together. At the end of the first semester, group members should each have 4 short film scripts that we will use in later semesters to practice what we learn that semester. By the end of the second semester we will begin creating our first short film together, and every semester after that we will create another short film to further enhance our skills and sink the knowledge we learned into our heads!

At the end of the entire course we will put all of the skills we acquired, knowledge we gained, and materials we have at our disposal, to the ultimate test and CREATE A FEATURE FILM! written by one of our group members, and chosen by the whole group in a majority vote.

Come be a part of a new way to learn filmmaking! Join this group as we passionately and determinedly study the different aspects of filmmaking and media creation! Check out our UPCOMING SEMESTERS page to see when new semesters are coming, and be sure to CONTACT US if you would like to sign up to join one, or more, of the semesters!


LCloud MediaStudies Common Questions:


Q. What is LCloud MediaStudies?

A. LCloud MediaStudies is a study group I made with the help of my wife, designed to mimic what you would learn in a film school, the course semester set up is influenced by different school’s film or cinema courses. This course will have teamwork and production like a cinema course with more focus on independent films and learning each aspect of filmmaking.

Q. Why did you decide to do this?

A. I wasn’t accepted into VCU for their Cinema program due to too many applicants and Covid 19. I, along with my wife, came up with the idea to use the resources online to try to mimic what I would have learned in school. The main reason I wanted to go was to make connections, and if I can meet people through this course and build friendships and connections with others passionate about filmmaking, then this will be worth it. My wife wasn’t going to be able to go to the school with me, even though she wanted to learn film as well. Now she can learn the same material as I do and we can discuss it together and strengthen our knowledge of each subject! The more people that come on board, the more we will have the ability to create and work together to learn and combine skills, knowledge, and equipment!

Q. What kind of Media will we be studying?

A. Mostly films, television, and video. We will be studying different aspects of production through different classes and semesters, including overall production, screenwriting, editing, cinematography, directing and much more!

Q. How will this work?

A. There is a lot of information out there, the internet has a plethora of free online learning units, videos, tutorials, in depth explanations, and websites completely dedicated to teaching the art of cinematography and film. We will take advantage of those resources, with either free or small fee online content, we will be able to learn and practice the same stuff we could learn if we went to art school, except we won’t be paying those incredibly high tuition costs! We also have a lot of hands on learning ideas to help us hone our crafts and really sink the learning material into our heads.

Q. Do we have to take every study course?

A. No. However, it is highly recommended that you participate in each course as each part of a filmmaking process contributes to the whole, and no matter what you want to do you can benefit from knowledge of other parts in that process.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Nothing! There may be certain textbooks or online materials you will need to buy to keep up with the class. The course itself will not cost anything!

Q. Where will we be meeting?

A. Residential locations to view online materials, watch and study films, and have discussions about what we are learning. We will also be meeting in the future at shooting locations for short films and practicing techniques by attempting to mimic certain scene aesthetics from different films. We have also recently decided to expand to online learning as well so people who can’t make it to the study groups in-person can join and have a distance-learning study group through Zoom meetings. 

Q. When will we be meeting?

A. Each semester will be a bit different depending on when it starts and when it ends. We will be meeting Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and/or Wednesday’s. Check out our UPCOMING SEMESTERS page for more information!

Q. How often will we be meeting?

A. Most semesters we will meet 1-2 times a week. Once we begin pre production, production, or post production on our short films and feature film, this number will increase to 3-4 times a week.

Q. How long does this course take?

A. This course is split up into 6 semesters, they will be around 4 months (15 weeks) each, so from start to finish it will be around 2 years. However, if you can only do one semester that’s fine! Come and learn with us, and make some connections with other aspiring filmmakers. You don’t have to sign up for the whole 2 years! Sign up is per semester.

Q. Will we be making any actual content?

A. Yes! Starting with our second semester, we will be making a short film at the end of each semester, and at the end of the 2 year course we will make a feature film!

Q. What if I can’t do the whole course?

A. Same as part of the answer above. If you can’t, don’t worry! Just come for the semester/s that you can to learn and grow as a filmmaker with us, and make some connections with other passionate aspiring filmmakers like yourself! Just be aware that if you sign on for a semester, you will be expected to be able to come to that semester’s study group sessions.

Q. Can I start in the middle of a semester?

A. It depends on the situation and how many people are currently in the class, and how far into the semester we are. While you can start in the middle of this course during a new semester, starting in the middle of a semester itself will depend on the situation.

Q. What if I fail to show up?

A. The film industry, and school are very particular about being punctual and showing up on time, every time. We want to be a little more lenient but still strict about it. You can miss up to 5 times, anything after that will get you dismissed from the semester unless you have a valid excuse. (Hospital, death in family, etc)

A#2. If you are brand new and you miss 3 group study sessions in a row you will be dismissed from the semester and will have to wait until the next semester to reapply.

A#3. If we are in pre production, production, or post production for any short film, video, or feature film, and you have signed on knowing the shooting schedule, you cannot miss any days without a valid excuse (Hospital, death in family, etc) or you will be let go from the production.

Q. What if I already know quite a bit about filmmaking?

A. You can focus on advanced learning on a particular topic of your choice. In the group study sessions you could talk about what you are learning. Or study with the group to recall old things you may have forgotten. You can also help others learn and grow as filmmakers so that we can all help each other on later productions. Either way you will be able to meet others just as passionate for filmmaking as you!

Q. What will I need to have?

A. Basic school supplies for taking notes and learning. (Ex. Pens, pencils, paper, notebook, binder, clipboard, etc) and access to a computer. You will also need a mode of transportation to and from study group sessions and productions.

Q. How many people will there be in this course?

A. As many that want to take part! We are going to be doing this course regardless. So if even only one person wants to join, we’ll be happy to have someone to study with.

Q. Are these rules permanently set?

A. No! We’ve never done anything like this so this will be very adaptable as we go through until we find a good system that works. We’ll have options for what books to study, and where we should study our content together, where we should find our online content if anyone has any ideas. What to film and we will decide as a group who gets to do what role in our productions as a team. Think of it like school with more input into what you want to learn, instead of the teacher choosing everything for you.

Any Other Questions Not Listed Above?

Be sure to ask us! 

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